British Gas are planning to offer FREE electricity on Saturdays

British Gas has sketched out an early stage plan to offer free electricity to customer on Saturday. The motive behind the idea is to get more customers to use the limited amount of electricity available on the power grid during off peak periods. Consequently leaving more supply on offer to businesses during the weekdays.

It is understood the “Free electricity Saturdays” plan will be available to customers who adopt the British gas smart meters. Whilst these smart meters are still very much in their infancy British Gas claim they have already installed more smart meters than all the competitors combined.

What’s more, British Gas’s sister company in Texas and the north-east of the United States already offers such a scheme called Free Power Saturday. The scheme offers 24hours of free electricity every Saturday to all customers who agree to shift their majority electricity usage to the weekend.

electricity switchRising Profits Rising Prices

British Gas’s parent company, Centrica, has recently announced operating profits of £1.58bn for six months to the end of June, which is great news for their investors. However they have also sent a statement, warning of price increases coming in the winter.

Kartik Bhagat, MD at Make It Switch a UK energy comparison service responded to the British Gas announcement of a rise in winter fuel bills by saying, “This is nothing unusual, we often see price hikes [from almost all suppliers] near the end of August – the summer season has ended and the autumn/winter periods have arrived. As the demand for energy increases as does the prices”.

“At Make It Switch we’ve always advised our customers to look for energy contracts where the prices can be agreed in the summer. We have excellent relationships with energy suppliers that allow us to book prices 6 months in advance of the contract end date”.

“Booking an energy contract is much like booking a cheap holiday, to get the best holiday deal you must book early and avoid the peak season which is typically late August to December”.


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