About us

The owners of MakeItSwitch have been working with businesses for years saving thousands of businesses millions of pounds over the process. They are passionate about businesses’ success and strongly believe the growth of the economy is dependent on the entrepreneurship of all businesses. Hence the importance of keeping a keen eye on supply costs such as Gas, Electricity, Insurance and Telecoms.

Remember, to contact our specialist team directly by calling 0203 4757 476 or alternatively, request a call back using our ‘contact us’ form. Our friendly staff, based in London, will provide impartial advice to get you the best deals available on the market.

Our code of practice

 We are fully customer focused delivering free, independent and impartial advice.

  • Our service is 100% free.
  • We will always be independent and impartial quoting the right deal for your business.
  • We will be honest and upfront about what we offer and advise
  • As per our customer focus, we even tell you if we think there is a better deal to be found elsewhere.
  • We never favour one supplier over another – our aim is to deliver according to what our customers need.
  • We use our purchasing power to negotiate the best deals within the whole market.
  • We will give you a variety of options of quotes, explaining the contractual terms.
  • We will use plain English so you are able to make an informed decision.
  • We will manage your renewal process, making every effort not to see you rolled over to unfair price and contractual terms.
  • We will attentively manage your contracts and give you live updates on market developments.

How MakeItSwitch earns its money:

MakeItSwitch offers a free, impartial advice to its customers and only receives remuneration after it has helped a business to secure a better deal.

However, this doesn’t cloud our commitment in offering a free and impartial service. Hence, in order to showcase better transparency, MakeItSwitch is happy to publish the commission gained on an ad hoc basis under the TPI Code of Practice.

Call us now and join the 1000s of businesses that are switching with MakeItSwitch today!

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